What is Great Scotland?

Like most good things in life, Great Scotland was born of a simple idea.
Why not bring together all the different things for which Scotland is famous and make it as easy as possible for visitors to enjoy them?

Scottish Castles, Whisky, History, Food, Activities, Shopping, Scenery and Hospitality

Why not bring together Scottish castles, whisky, history, award winning food, activities, shopping, scenery and hospitality?

Why not combine the beauty and tranquility of the Scottish countryside with the vitality and excitement of major towns and cities?

Why not focus on one part of Scotland - it's geographical centre, which is within easy reach of the whole country and has fast transport links to the world?

And why not top it all off with special offers that will enhance any visit to Scotland and provide that something special that makes the difference between a good and a great experience?
Great Scotland can be different things to different people but constant throughout it is a commitment to quality, service and hospitality.

Great Scotland is a guarantee of a great visit to a great country.